Enter the void…

I woke up this morning with an inspiring idea. I wrote it on my Facebook page. It is this:

Turbulence… This animation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C680Zz7MyP) has been made by another passenger on this spaceship. We’re traveling into a new Universe. We’re not re-writing the laws of physics. We’re re-writing the way they are written. We have a new language. It’s been a very lonely trip. We’re just a small band of travelers, and the big guns out there don’t like us. All those professors who tell us our ideas look good but that we should not try to challenge the current academic brain freeze… We have only one answer to the skepticism: our ship is small, but it moves. Your ships are big – but they’ve been frozen in time ever since the imposition of the Heisenberg Diktatur. Onwards ! I have a set of papers on the Los Alamos safe haven for rebels that encompasses virtually everything that needs to be explained: the anomalous magnetic moment, Mach-Zehnder interference, Einstein’s E = mc2 equation itself, the spin form factor,… The seeds of the Revolution have been sown.  

Because this site has become very crowded with posts and pages, I will use my other site to relaunch. The other site was supposed to be a site on Einstein – but I hope He is with us in Spirit. 🙂 

Jean Louis Van Belle, 20 December 2018

PS: For some reason, WordPress blocks the YouTube link. Just cut and paste the address in your browser. It’s worth it. 🙂


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