General relativity

[Preliminary note (added on 23 February 2020): I think I have found a comprehensive realist interpretation of quantum mechanics and, hence, I’d recommend you check my recent papers. Still… The ‘missing’ (or extra, I should say) mass of the proton calls for a more comprehensive theory. General relativity is probably not the answer – because it deals with gravity only. But when thinking about the difference between the electromagnetic force and some ‘strong force’ – which may or may not explain the other half or 1/4 of the mass of the proton (see my paper on a proton model) – it is tempting to think the strong force might just be another ‘mode’ or ‘harmonic’ of some fundamental oscillation of the ‘fabric’ of spacetime—if such ‘fabric’ exists, of course. Think of Wittgenstein’s ladder. This ladder is probably not the one to be used, but it might show you where the other ladders are. Lettura felice! ]