Quantum computing

I think some of the new areas in human knowledge that currently get huge attention and resources will prove to be a complete waste of time 10 or 20 years from now, if not earlier.

Sean and QC


2 thoughts on “Quantum computing

  1. I think you’re right Jean. I jave a computer science degree, plus considerable knowledge. I’ve written about this at some length, see http://physicsdetective.com/quantum-computing-and-the-quantum-quacks/. That’s quantum computing and the quantum quacks.I refer to Quantum computing as a field is obvious bullshit by Scott Locklin. He says things like this: “In 2010, I laid out an argument against quantum computing as a field based on the fact that no observable progress has taken place. That argument still stands. No observable progress has taken place”. Along with “Hundreds of quantum computing charlatans achieved tenure in that period of time”. Along with “How many millions have been flushed down the toilet by these turds?” Along with “I do feel sad for the number of young people taken in by this quackery”.

  2. Thanks, John. I feel less lonely now with this observation. 🙂 I’ll have a look at your comments on your site. It’s funny but when I go on ResearchGate now, I get served ads for nanotech Josephson junctions – which cost a fortune and whose switching/storage capacity is close to zilch. Thanks again and please keep up the good work ! JL

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